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Mr. John L. Johnson

The Young Americans with Disabilities Association is a collaborative initiative comprised of community leaders including educators, parents, young adults, local and state agencies and business partners who are committed to improving the post- secondary outcomes of young people with disabilities. The Young Americans with Disabilities Association was established to increase the functional, social and academic achievement of young people toward being skilled, productive and engaged neighbors within our communities.  


Moreover, Y.A.D.A strives to honor the legacy of John Lewis Johnson, a true servant leader. Mr. Johnson believed in the power of community and its ability to change the trajectory of a young person's life.  He was an advocate for education and career advancement.  He was especially dedicated to supporting people throughout his community in overcoming obstacles in reaching their dreams.  

The J. L. Johnson scholarship was established in 2014 to support young people with disabilities in transitioning from high school into college, careers and the community. 

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