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Morgan Garner, Ed.S.

Morgan Garner is a powerhouse!  Morgan is a devoted wife and mom of three daughters and is presently pursuing doctoral studies at Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee.  She has always been an advocate for children!  She takes a vision and makes it reality through hard work and sound strategy.  She intuitively sees the potential in children, works to build relationships and connections in order to both challenge and extend their thinking. She is an inspirational educational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time are grounded in research- based strategies that lever success. 

Currently, as an educator in the Douglas County School System, Morgan instructs over 130 students, while also working with other teachers to improve general educational practices across the building. She led the building in effective communication and outreach and is now working to transform the look of the summer remediation program.   Respected as a credible voice in education, Morgan earns a seat at the table wherever she serves and we are delighted to have her commitment to excellence and tenacity as a change- agent alongside us. 

The Young Americans with Disabilities Association is pleased to have Mrs. Garner serve on the Board of Directors.

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